20th Anniversary 二十週年

Update 更新

{December 27) Added KMB, CMB Daimler DMS and Updated KMB Leyland Olympian 12m
(December 25) Added KMB Leyland Olympian 9.7m
(January 8) Added Citybus Youngman JNP6105GR20122012
(December 25) Added CMB Dennis Condor
(August 3) Added CMB Dennis Condor DL1
(May 9) Added KMB Dennis Dragon 11m Hong Kong Asia’s World City ad
(January 29) Added KMB Dennis Dragon 11m
(January 22) Added KMB Dennis Dragon 12m
(January 15) Added KMB Dennis Dominator
(January 8) Added KMB Dennis Jubilant Duple Metsec body

(December 25) Added and updated KMB Daimler E
(December 18) Added Citybus Leyland Atlantean
(January 1) Added CMB Guy Arab V Alexander Body

(December 25) Added Las Vegas RTC Transit Enviro 500 12.8m
(May 2) Added CMB Metal Section Daimler Fleetline
(March 25) Added SamTrans Gillig Low Floor BRT, updated SamTrans Gillig Low Floor

(December 25) Added CMB Leyland Olympian ECW body
(December 21) Added KMB Leyland Olympian ECW body in original color
(August 16) Added Muni Orion VII Hybrid in Culture Bus color
(June 28) Added Muni Orion VII Hybrid 30-foot
(June 21) Added Muni Orion VII Hybrid
(May 24) Added Golden Gate Transit NovaBus RTS 30-foot
(February 8) Updated KMB Leyland Victory G492
(January 27) Added Beijing Public Transport Huanghai articulated bus
(January 1) Added Golden Gate Transit Orion V

(December 25) Added Beijing Public Transport Youngman Neoplan
(December 14) Updated and added CMB MCW Super Metrobuses
(December 7) Added Arriva London Routemaster
(December 5) Added First London Routemaster
(August 19) Added Shenyang Huanghai bus in Olympics livery
(June 1) Added Chengdu Changjiang double deck bus
(March 23) Added Coach America Enviro 500
(February 10) Added KMB Leyland Olympian 10.3m
(January 20) Added Citybus Enviro 500
(January 1) Added Shanghai articulated bus SK661

(December 25) Added Shenzhen Huanghai
(December 18) Added Shanghai Bashi Group Changjiang
(December 2) Added AC Transit NABI
(November 11) Added Shanghai Da Zhong Volvo B7RLE
(October 28) Refreshed KMB MCW Super Metro Bus
(October 7) Added Guangzhou New World Bus Yutong
(September 23) Added San Francisco International Airport New Flyer with new livery
(September 9) Updated San Francisco International Airport New Flyer
(August 12) Refreshed KMB MCW Super Metro Bus
(July 29) New CMB MCW Metro Bus
(July 15) Updated Los Angeles NABI Low Floor
(July 1) Added Shenzhen Bus Group King Long, refreshed CMB MCW Metro Bus
(June 17) Refreshed CMB MCW Metro Bus, updated LACMTA New Flyer Low Floor
(June 3) Refreshed CMB Dennis Jubilant
(May 20) Added SZBus King Long
(May 6) Updated Beijing and Shenzhen King Long
(April 22) Added NYCMTA Bus Company Orion V CNG
(April 8) Added Muni Gillig Phantom
(March 18) Refreshed KMB Seddon Pennine
(February 25) Updated Long Win Transbus Enviro 500
(February 18) Added CMB Fleetline
(February 11) Updated all Yutong buses
(January 28) Refreshed NWFB Leyland Victory
(January 14) Updated KMB and CMB Leyland Victory, refreshed KMB Dennis Jubilant
(January 1) Updated and added KMB Alexander-Dennis Enviro 500

(December 25) Added Las Vegas CAT Alexander-Dennis Enviro 500
(December 17) Added Beijing Changjiang
(December 3) Added AC Transit Gillig Phantom
(November 12) Added Monterey-Salinas Transit Gillig Phantom
(October 22) Refreshed KMB Leyland Victory II, updated CMB Leyland Victory and CMB/NWFB Leyland Fleetline
(October 8) Refreshed KMB Leyland Victory II – HK Heritage Series
(September 24) Refreshed NWFB Leyland Fleetline – HK Heritage Series
(September 10) Added New York City Transit MCI #2185 and Beijing Bashi Yutong
(August 27) Added CMB Leyland Fleetline – HK Heritage Series
(August 13) Added Shanghai Dazhong Huanghai, updated VTA and SamTrans Gillig Phantom
(July 30) Added Shenzhen Bus Group King Long
(July 16) Refreshed CMB Leyland Victory II – HK Heritage Series
(July 2) Added Wuxi Kowloon Changjiang
(June 11) Added New York City Transit New Flyer articulated
(May 21) Added Beijing King Long
(May 7) Added Golden Gate Transit Flxible Metro
(April 23) Updated Muni E60 articulated trolleybus
(April 9) Added Guangzhou Transmac Yutong
(March 26) Updated Muni Flyer E800
(March 12) Added Muni Flyer E800 Trolley, updated Muni D902
(February 26) Updated KMB Seddon Mk17 – Hong Kong Heritage Premium Series
(February 12) Added Culver City New Flyer C40LF
(January 29) Added CMB Guy Arab LX – Hong Kong Heritage Premium Series
(January 15) Added HK bus banner ad, updated Muni Flyer
(January 1) Added CMB Guy Arab LW – Hong Kong Heritage Premium Series

(December 25) Added Guangzhou First Motor Bus Yutong
(December 18) Updated Muni and LACMTA Neoplan
(December 4) Updated Muni New Flyer D60 articulated
(November 20) Updated SamTrans New Flyer articulated
(November 6) Added VTA New Flyer D60LF – Bendable articulated paper bus, updated all New Flyer low floor
(October 23) Added Beijing Bashi Changjiang
(October 9) Added CoachUSA NovaBus RTS
(September 25) Added KMB Environ 500
(September 11) Added New Orleans Regional Transit Authority Orion V
(August 28) Added Long Win Enviro 500 and updated Tianjin and Shenzhen King Long
(August 14) Added Guangzhou Trolley Bus Company Yutong
(July 31) Added Shanghai Jinling double deck
(July 17) Added VTA Gillig Low Floor in Rapid 522 wrap
(July 3) Revised Muni, CAT, and TTC New Flyer D40
(June 19) Updated VTA Gillig Low Floor & Flxible Metro
(June 5) Added LACMTA New Flyer Metro Rapid, updated SamTrans Gillig Phantom
(May 22) Added Chengdu Changjiang double deck, updated Shenzhen Changjiang double deck
(May 8) Added CMB Guy Arab V single decker, added CMB Guy Arab V farebox collection vehicle
(April 24) Updated CMB Guy Arab V S
(April 10) Added Shenzhen Bus Group Yutong
(March 27) Added Shanghai Bashi Group Tai Hu, updated and added VTA Gillig Phantom
(March 12) Added Guangzhou First Motor Bus Yutong and a HK bus “House of Fury” ad banner
(February 27) Updated SamTrans 1990 and 1993 Gillig Phantom
(February 13) Added Queens Surface RTS and Orion V CNG
(January 30) Updated KMB Leyland Olympian S3BL174
(January 16) Added Pudong Flxible and updated SamTrans Gillig Low Floor
(January 1) Added SZBus Yutong with technology from MAN

(December 25) Added San Francisco International Airport New Flyer
(December 19) Added a HK bus banner
(December 5) Updated all KMB Leyland Albion buses
(November 21) Added New York Bus Service MCI and Kunming NWFB Sunwin, updated AC Transit MCI and Kunming NWFB Changjiang
(November 7) Added Green Bus Line Orion V, updated SamTrans 1998 Gillig Phantom
(October 24) Added 2004 SamTrans Gillig Phantom
(October 10) Added KMB S3M118 with “Speeding” ad
(September 26) Added a HK ad banner
(September 12) Added KMB M25 with “Healthy Living” ad
(August 29) Added LACMTA Neoplan USA and a HK bus banner
(August 15) Added KMB Transbus Enviro 500 and HK bus banners
(August 1) Revised all CMB ML, KMB M & S3M buses, added a HK bus bnanner
(July 18) Added a HK bus ad banner; added New Century Transp. Ford Econoline E-450
(July 4) Added Santa Cruz Orion V; added a HK bus ad banner
(June 20) Added SamTrans Gillig Low Floor; added a HK bus ad banner
(June 6) Added HK bus ad banners
(May 23) Added HK bus ad banners
(May 9) Added HK bus ad banners
(April 25) Added Guangzhou First Motor Bus CBC-Iveco
(April 11) Added Washington Metro Orion V
(March 28) Added VTA Flxible Metro with SJC Airport Flyer wrap
(March 14) Updated all Flxible, Changjiang, and Flyer models
(February 29) Added Kunming NWFB
(February 15) Added Washington Metro New Flyer Low Floor CNG
(February 1) Updated and added VTA Gillig Low Floor, updated LACMTA RTS
(January 22) Added DaZhong Shanghai 6105P and Huling 6700C
(January 11) Added LACMTA Neoplan USA AN440, updated VTA 2002 Gillig Low Floor
(January 1) New redesigned web site, added San Francisco Muni Neoplan USA AN440

(December 25) Added Shenzhen Bus Group King Long
(December 16) Added Shanghai Ba-Shi Shanghai 6105P
(November 23) Added LACMTA Metro Rapid, updated VTA & SamTrans Gillig Phantom
(November 16) Updated CTB V1, Training bus, and NWFB LV1
(November 2) Added Tianjin Citybus King Long
(October 19) Updated KMB Daimler A & B, Seddon, Albion, Muni and SamTrans New Flyer.
(October 5) Added Washington Metro Flxible, updated KMB AEC & NWFB Dennis Trident
(September 28) Added Santa Monica Thomas SLF230, updated KMB Daimler C, D, E, F
(September 14) Added Shenzhen Pengyun International Travel Service Changjiang double deck
(Sept 1) Added DaZhong Sunwin Volvo B7R
(August 23) Added Santa Monica New Flyer D40LF
(August 11) Added Shanghai Ba-Shi Group Changjiang
(July 27) Updated CMB Leyland Victory, Dennis Jubilant, and Muni Grumman Flxible
(July 20) Updated KMB Leyland Victory G492, KMB Dennis Jubilant
(July 14) Updated KMB Leyland Victory II Batch 1 to 4
(July 6) Added Hertz Rent A Car Gillig Low Floor
(June 22) Added DaZhong CFC 6110GD, updated AC Transit MCI D4500
(June 15) Updated Sunwin Volvo B7R, added Sunwin Volvo advanced edition
(June 8) Updated all VTA and Beijing Citybus Flxible models
(May 25) Added CoachUSA Leyland Olympian 12m
(May 18) Added KMB Albion EVK55CL
(May 4) Added Muni Grumman Flxible, updated KMB Daimler C
(April 27) Added Las Vegas CAT New Flyer D-40
(April 14) Updated KMB Daimler A & B
(March 30) Added San Francisco Muni New Flyer E-60
(March 23) Added Pudong Kwoon Chung Sunwin Volvo B7R
(March 17) Added Shanghai Ba-Shi Group Sunwin Volvo B7R
(March 2) Added Shanghai Ba-Shi Group Jiangsu Flxible
(February 23) Updated KMB M, Beijing Citybus Jiangsu Flxible
(February 16) Added Golden Gate Transit TMC and NovaBUS RTS
(February 3) Updated VTA and SamTrans Gillig Phantom
(January 26) Updated KMB AEC Regent
(January 20) Updated KMB Daimler D, E, and F
(January 12) Added TransLink/CMBC Flyer E-902
(January 1) Web site redesigned

(December 25) Added AC Transit MCI D4500, updated VTA TMC RTS
(December 9) Updated LACMTA RTS, CMB MB, MC, and ML
(November 25): Added Beijing Citybus Jiangsu Flxible, updated CMB LV, DS, and KMB G
(November 3): Updated KMB N1, S3M
(October 12): Added SamTrans 94XX series, updated Seddon Mk17.
(August 18): AEC Routemaster buses updated.
(August 6): New Muni Flyer D902, AEC Long Routemaster in British Bus Classics section
(July 19): Redesigned KMB Albion single decker buses
(June 15): Added Santa Clara VTA 2002 Gillig Low Floor, Citybus AEC Routemaster 3, KMB G492

(December 8): Added Santa Clara VTA 1999 and 2001 Gillig Low Floor
(November 4): Updated CMB PD, added CMB XA, added British Bus Classics
(July 16): Updated NWFB 14XX series, added KMB S3M batch three, as the body is different from batch two.
(June 3): Added CMB Leyland Titan PD half cab
(June 1): Added CMB Leyland Titan PD
(April 15): Added KMB Seddon Pennine; updated NWFB SF 16
(March 19) – Added KMB Albion VT17AL
(March 6) – Added TTC New Flyer D40
(February 19) – Added CMB MCW Metrobus

(November 23) – Added SamTrans New Flyer D60
(November 22) – Added CMB Guy Arab V training bus
(November 18) – Added CMB Guy Arab V, NWFB Guy Arab V double deck buses, CMB and NWFB recovery vehicle
(October 7) – Added Muni New Flyer D40 and D60
(September 9) – Added Dumbarton Express Flxible Metro
(August 27) – Added VTA Flxible Metro 1990 models, and 1986 30-foot model
(August 19) – Added VTA Flxible Metro 1992-3 model
(June 28) – Added KMB Daimler A 1st batch
(June 5) – Added KMB S3M
(June 1) – Added KMB Seddon Mk17
(May 19) – Added CMB MCW Super Metrobus
(April 24) – Added CMB Guy Arab single deck
(April 17) – Added SamTrans Gillig Phantom 35-foot
(April 14) – Added VTA TMC RTS
(April 3) – Added LACMTA TMC RTS

(December 28) – Added CMB Dennis Jubliant, Leyland Victory
(December 27) – Added KMB Leyland Victory and Dennis Jubliant with KMB body, and NWFB LV1
(December 25) – Added KMB Daimler B, C, D, E, and F
(December 21) – Added SamTrans Gillig Phantom
(December 19) – Added VTA Gillig Phantom
(November 21) – Updated KMB Albion VT23L
(October 23) – Added NWFB Volvo Arab
(June 11) – Added Citybus Leyland Atlantean training bus
(May 30) – Added NWFB Dennis Trident 11m
(May 23) – Added NWFB Daimler Fleetline

–Opened in May 1999–

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